If Succesfull or unsuccesfull CTM uninstalling (Please post your hardware specs)

As seeing some people are having problems with this. It might speedup the proccess of fixing/updating CTM

Please tell them your

  1. Computer Brand (HP, DELL, ASUS
  2. With versions of windows do you use and 32x or 64x
  3. Is your computer Intel or AMD, or something else
  4. How much ram you have, (128k, 256k, 512k, 1GB, 2GB)
    5)Have you uninstalled it, was it successfull

My specs

  1. HP Laptop computer
  2. Windows 7 32x
  3. Intel Pentium 3 chip
  4. 1 GB RAM
    **successfully uninstalled

IF YOU DONT KNOW THE ANSWER, (download ccleaner) between 3-4mb’s in size

It’ll tell you all the information needed to answer these questions (It’s on the “Top” “Left side” with all the info

I think you mean Speccy Download Speccy | Find your computer specs, free!

Computer - Acer T180
Windows - Vista Home Premium 32bit
Amd athlon 62 x2 Dual Core 3800+ with 2 gigs ram
Uninstall completely destroy my mbr had to restore with acronis