If not in System32 exe-file could be a virus

There is a file which isn’t only in the folder syste32 (smss.exe). If an *.exe file isn’t in “system32”, the file could be e virus and dangeorous, e.g.:

The legitimate SMSS is located at c:\windows\System32\smss.exe directory.

However, if you found this executable in other location, your computer is most likely to be infected with some cyber threat. The malicious smss.exe process can work as an executable file for launching parasites, loading main components of malicious programs and running a destructive payload.

I found this file in other folders (attachment) and uploaded it to virustotal. Result: Every security software: ‘undetected’.
But the SMH1 and M5 checksums do not match the exe file in System32.

My PC is clean, “says” hitman pro (free), adware, Malwarebytes (free) and comodo. :-[

Are there files (smss.exe is not the only file with such an behavour) which are needed from programs in other folders or is there a undetected malicious software (rootkit, malware …) ?

Are you experiencing and major problems with essential Windows function such as startup, login etc.?

If not leave it well alone!

It is a critical part of Windows and will show in at least 2 or 3 locations along with System32 . . . Winsxs\amd64 . . . Servicing\LCU\Package folders etc. etc. There are 32 and 64 bit versions also with differing signatures

Be very wary of these sites that tell you a file ‘may be’ a virus and direct you to some other software to remove it. The one you reference is 2 years old and says nothing really except to raise doubts about a correct file location. Don’t go looking for a problem if there isn’t one to start with

Thxs for your prompt answer.

No, there are no problems with windows. PC (10 years old, was an upperclass-machine) starts after the start screen (when password is demanded) fix (hard disk, no ssd), sometimes comodo takes some time to show it’s icon (but I must not make a coffee !), but the empty/“black” gap in the sys tray is to be seen earlier.
I never download software offered to delet anything.

So, everything is well!

The coffee sounds good - perfect timing for a system startup :wink: