If not connected to the internet, Comodo cpu usage spikes to 20-30% [M2180]

Comodo cloud A/V is installed on:

  • Dell i5 laptop
  • Windows 7 Home premium with all the latest patches.

fwiw the computer OS was just completely reinstalled - so there is barely anything on the laptop. There is only about 45 GB of data on the entire HDD, which include music files, photos, etc.

If I boot the computer while connected to the internet everything works great, I could not be happier. If the computer is not connected to the internet, however, the cpu goes cuckoo coco bananas until it gets that internet juice. If I look at the Windows task manager I can see Comodo taking most of that processing power, varying between 20 and 30%. This continues until I connect to the internet, then it calms down after a few seconds. Disconnecting from the internet (while still logged in) there is no problem. It seems it needs that initial internet “fix” and will whine until it gets it.

On my desktop this is no big deal (although it does happen), but on the laptop it really matters. It is draining the battery like crazy and that constant fan drone is annoying as s***. I travel with the laptop and am not always on the internet.

Now I understand that Comodo could be responding to some rogue Windows application, and I did try shutting down as many apps as I reasonably could via the task manager, but I could not get the cpu to calm down.

To help me troubleshoot this issue, could somebody please disconnect from the internet, reboot your machine and login? Keep it disconnected and check the task manager. Preferably someone with Comodo installed on a slower Windows 7 laptop where it will be very noticeable. Please let me know if you have the same issue.

thank you for the help!

Hi Conner and welcome to the Comodo forums. I was able to replicate with both the latest stable and beta versions of CCAV. I have submitted a report to comodo in the Mod tracker and have provided a link to your post. Thus I have moved this topic to the bug section for easier tracking.

Hi guys,

Could you please please provide us dump file? You can open task manager->process->right click ccavsrv, create dump. you can create2~3 files when it is taking high CUP.
Thank you!

Just to note these dumps were taken from a better spec. system (Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 CPU, 8GB RAM). CPU usage was a constant 10-20% in task manager for the ccavsrv system service.


OK. I created the file - it is about 410MB…

I would rather not send that - too big. Is there a way to reduce it? Afterwards who do I send the files to? I don’t see an “attach” option in this window.

You can compress the dumps using a file archiver like 7zip and then upload to a file sharing site such as googledrive, microsoft onedrive, dropbox, etc. and then just post the share link here.

Hi guys,

Confirmed, this issue caused by DNS cache, we will fix it soon.
Thanks for your great support!

Hi All,
This issue has been addressed in latest release:

Thanks @Conner, @futuretech for confirming fix prior to release.


Thanks umesh. Moving to resolved.