If I want ONLY the Firewall and AV how should I install?

Hi. I’ve been trying CIS and don’t like it (for reasons I won’t go into here). Since CIS has stuff bundled on top of the firewall and av, I just want to know if I can download and install the standalone versions of Comodo’s FIREWALL and AV modules as separate programs, and if there are specific steps to doing so (example, which order).



Sorry mc;

Please correct me if i’m wrong;

You are just wanting AV/FW Only? No Sandbox/Defense+?


Yes Jake, correct. I should qualify my first post to add a couple of things, however:

I’m on a slowww dial-up, and will need any huge files (such as the virus db) to be downloaded manually through my FTP client which has RESUME (critical for us pokey dial-uprs, but needs must when the user is poor lol) . . . so I’ll need the FTP string for that big (~.cav? I think) file and the correct directory to place it in.

Thanks Jake!

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As far as I know you always download the complete IS but during the installation you have the opportunity to choose which component you want to install. If you only want the firewall then you only mark firewall. ( correct me if I am wrong. And if I am wrong I apologize)

press right click on the CIS icon —> Configuration —> Firewall security. If that does satisfy you then it would be best if you uninstall CIS and use CIS clean up tool in safe mode.

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Valentin N

Here we go :smiley: :smiley:

If you download this and Choose Antivirus/Firewall and disable “Geekbuddy”

Once installed (Don’t use SecureDNS if you have dial-up that your ISP requires you to have a certain DNS);

You may keep Defense+/Sandbox but disable the cloud features?
If you don’t want Defense+ Nor Sandbox; Then simply disable them
CIS > Defense+ > Defense+ Settings > permantely disable Defense+ > Sandbox Settings > Disable

Also; Execution Control Settings Uncheck all options that has ‘cloud’ in the description

CIS > AntiVirus > Settings > uncheck auto update virus database > Go through each tab and disable all options that has ‘cloud’ in the description As well as “Automatically update database”

Also; Go to CIS > More > Prefrences > Automatically check for program updates
Also; While in the preferences window go to “Update” tab and remove ‘download.comodo.com

Hope this helps

Hey V, back at you! :smiley:

I don’t want to even have the options available to me for the stuff CIS adds – the whole interface is to ■■■■ complicated for me. Firewall I understand. AV I understand. I don’t want any opportunity to add anything beyond that, and I don’t want Comodo to even have the option to activate it available in the first place. It’s too much and it is just endlessly interfering with my ability to use my programs. It slows down my computer (which is already slow) and it interacts with every ■■■■ thing I do, even when I tell it to allow and/or trust something. Too much drama.

I still want to know how to install the two standlones however . . .


Please follow my instructions and you’ll get just the AV/FW with no Cloud mumbo jombo nor the Defense/sandbox mumbo jombo;


Are you sure it isn’t cfw_installer_x86.exe ?

And I want to be very clear about this: I do not want the CIS installer. I am specifically trying to avoid the CIS installer.


You cannot have the Firewall Standalone and the Antivirus standalone from Comodo

CFW will only install the Firewall / Defense+ / Sandbox
CFAV Will only install the Antivirus / Defense+ / Sandbox
You must install CIS then disable Defense+ / Sandbox (To Have AV/FW Together)

Hope this helps



you don’t have any other choose in case you want CIS (disabling d+, sandbox and the cloud features and don’t forget to put the config on Firewall security). If you want a pure firewall then Zonealarm is the choose. If you do install ZA-firewall uninstall the the extra that comes. I don’t how Viper’s personal firewall or Private Firewall are. You have to explore.

Valentin N