If I use a master password, browser crashes when I open Password manager

(:AGY) I put a master password and the tried to open the Manage saved password page, the browser crashes every time. If I remove the master password, it works perfectly.

Comodo Dragon version: (but I had this issue on the previous version also)

OS: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit

Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon

Adblock+element hiding helper,
Better pop up blocker,
Evernote web clipper,
Lookup companion for wikipedia,
Search by image (by google),
Vanilla cookie manager,
Window name eraser,
Youtube options,
Youtube thumbs,
Dance Party,
Dance Party,
Docs pdf/powerpoint viewer, Hola unblocker, LastPass, Niftysplit, Zenmate for google chrome
(last 5 are disabled)

I have the same problem and i cant remove Master Password because master password check box not checked and is disabled but the browser requests master password and i enter password the browser crashes every time , please help.
The massage is :
Whoa! Comodo Dragon has crashed. Relaunch now?


We are currently investigating the issue and would like you to help us in obtaining more information.
Could you install the portable version of Comodo Dragon and try to reproduce the issue?
Also could you tell us what Dragon’s install location is, and if you have changed the location of it’s user profile folder to a custom one.

Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your attention

My Comodo Dragon is a portable version and i have not changed the location of it’s user profile folder. My problem arose when i updated Comodo Dragon Version (portable) to Version (portable).

OS : Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center 64-bit

Location : E:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon

I’m having the same problem. Wasn’t using it with previous versions. With so much snooping going on, I wanted to add a bit more protection…Can’t… the way it’s behaving ! FF is looking better every day!

I’m using CD V30.0.0.0 & a clean install with stock standard default user profile & all Extensions & Plugins refreshed, because,… the update didn’t bother to use the SignIn Sync’d data option for my Extensions… which is also another bug in this release !

My OS is Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

If more info would help, please let me know ?


It looks like it’s a case of user profile corruption during update. I would like to know how you performed the update.
Also I’m curious why “Program Files” is located on a different drive than C. I’m aware there are ways of mapping the folder to another drive for various reasons, but I would like to know more details. It could help us identify an issue and manage compatibility issues in future versions.

Since it’s a portable version you could try to move Dragon to a different location and check if the issue reproduces.

Thank you.

Hello huntsman,

Unfortunately the issue doesn’t reproduce during tests so there may be some system variables that trigger it. Any information like, install location and details regarding security and user access rights for that location might be useful.

Thank you.

Hi George,

Stock standard clean installation on my SSD system C drive. (see my comments in previous post)
MSE 64bit Antimalware Client V4.4.304.0
Windows firewall turned on by MSE, when MSE installed, & no port mods so far.
Access rights…OFF, it’s a nag I don’t need ! sigh

I was able to untick the ‘Enable Master password’ option in settings & stop CD crashing.

I’ve so much security even the NSA would have a problem. Every thing I do is lawful, but that doesn’t stop them from snooping! It’s my PC !

Extensions are :
HTTPS Everywhere, PrivDog, DoNotTrackMe, Enforce secure connections, AdBlock Plus, Flash Control. There are others, but doubt their relevant. Let’s know if you want them all?

The HTTP Referrer Header is suppressed in settings.

Open VPN is running before I open any programs.

I’d like tighter password control… Hope you can resolve it !