IE9 RC and Adblock Plus

Ok, finally IE9 has brought support to block tracking. Its the new feature called “Tracking Protection”
So now we can add several content trackers.

The ones fully supported by Microsoft can be found here

But, as u notice there is only EasyPrivacy, no Easylist Option.
To add it we need to open notepad and paste the following

<head><title>Add EasyList TPL</title></head>
    <a href="javascript:window.external.msAddTrackingProtectionList('', 'EasyList Adblock List')">
        Add EasyList TPL

After we save it as a HTML file and open it in IE9. We then add it.

The lists are auto-updated every week by IE9.

Here is the thing, in IE9 we can disable them in a site-per-site basis. HAAA!! How cool is that!!

Well, posting these so everybody could know.

Edit: As these is unsupported, some ads may be shown, but according to my browsing, many ads are indeed blocked.

Hi Guillermo391 ,

Thanks a lot. Interesting stuff :-TU

I was never using IE and never will, but I always keeping it here “up-to-date”, so I can help some users who cannot understand the advantages and safety concerns of using alternative browsers

will look into that deeper


that’s exactly what I look for! Thanks.

But I tried to add also Fanboy’s list but it didn’t work this time.

Actually more important I want to block ads shown on Facebook or Gmail or Text ads or so on. is that possible and how?

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Weird ha, In my browser they are indeed blocked.

Maybe wait for Final IE9 realese and try again? dont really know…

Edit: Hmm. u are right… i found a page on facebook that it showed, i dont know why is it that in some it blocks and others doesnt… hmm…

Edit: Found explanation. Read this page

I don’t use IE at all with or without Tracking Protection. I think IE has many problems and the main problem is speed of loading pages. So until Microsoft doesn’t solve these problems, other side improvements can’t increase number of users of this browser.

Beware using multiple tracking lists in IE.