FYI - If anyone’s interested IE7 final release on Wednesday October 18th. I did the upgrade with no problems.

Me too. Have upgraded. So far no issue.

Hengchee- Have you tried the tabs yet? I can’t get tabs to work for me. I click a new tab and I can’t get it to take the web site. I try to close the new tab or the original tab and it creats a new tab that says close. At this point the page is froze and I have to click control+alt+delete to get out. I re-read the instructions and try again, and the same thing happens. I don’t know if there’s a bug, or I’m just stupid. Other than that, everything is OK. I went over to my Firefox’s tabs and no problem. Are your tabs OK?

1.) Do you have Google Desktop installed? IE7 was reported to have imcompability with Google Desktop. Resolution for this issue is to install the latest version of Google Desktop.

2.) You may try to extract xmllitesetup.exe from the IE7 Setup file. Then install the file again. Probably it will solve the problems.

Addon to previous post…

You may refer to this link for more information.

There is a security problem with ie7 already. (:WAV)

Hi Hengchee, Thanks for the info. I do in fact have a beta copy of google deskbar. I’ll try uninstalling it, and let you know how I make out. :slight_smile:

Hengchee, I uninstalled my google desktop beta which didn’t help. Using the link you sent, after trying a few things, I went to Options and clicked Reset, based on the info on your link. Reset eliinates any plug-ins from IE6 that aren’t included in IE7 along with active-x tht aren’t default to IE7. That did the trick! Thanks again for your valuable help.

Jockwav, I expected as much. I think that after they get flooded with calls on their temporary support number 866 234-6020, we’ll see some holes plugged and fixes.


Recently upgraded to IE7, I like the GUI enhancements but I like the old IE6 GUI and setup better :frowning:

You’re welcome. Glad to hear that the problem fixed.

IE7 works fine and well for the most part. I’ll get used to the interface eventually.

But my major IE7 problem is that sometimes it doesn’t display pages correctly. It displays (what I think is) the coding of the page itself, and it takes a little refreshes/reloads to get the page displayed correctly. My guess is that the phishing filter interfers with the actual page loading at times …