IE7 [Resolved]

Microsoft will shortly be upgrading IE6 to IE7 automatically through auto updating. Are there any implications for CPF (or other Comodo programs) users?

No. You can safely upgrade IE. CPF will work fine.


The question SHOULD be will IE 7 work with anything ? lol . I have been using beta 3 . A suped up version of six with all the same holes . WONDERFUL . Thank God for Comodo . GO DRAGON GO !!!

According to various sources, the auto update will only download IE7 to your computer. You’ll have the choice of installing or not :smiley:
You’ll also be able to remove it via Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel ;D

I wonder how it compares to IE6 in terms of usage of system resources. Anyone know?

Last version I tryed was Beta 2, the only things I noticed that were different were tabbed browsing, nicer interface (goes with Vista) and faster browsing. But thats about it.

It also supposedly breaks certain applications. Anyone know of any in particular? I haven’t seen anything on this yet from M$ ???

I use IE7 for about a year and so far I had no aplication incompatibilities.
I use Comodo Personal Firewall for a few days and so far everything works.

Awweee… too bad they didn’t extend the Add/Remove to IE6 as well at that time :wink: :smiley:

Go Go Gadget-Firefox!

I couldn’t agree more, m0ng0d, from one Firefox user to another :wink: I only use IE because certain applications require it.

Thats strange :o Same here :o

You don’t think M$ does things in an underhanded way, do you? ::slight_smile:

No comment ;D

None needed! ;D

I have no clue what you are talking about even ::slight_smile:

Ie 7 is a great product i like it