IE7/ Compatibility with Ticketmaster site

There is an NHRA race in Pomona, CA next month and I have been attempting to buy tickets. The issue can be easily replicated without having to complete the process or buy the tickets.

  • Go to – Towards the right, there will be info for the Pomona event including a “Tickets” button
  • Click on tickets – this will take you another page that lists the event and has a button for “
    (Note that the issue is the same going directly to; going through NHRA just makes it easier to test because you don’ have to select from a ton of events.)
  • Pick Sunday, February 10th or whatever day you want
  • Choose some tickets; say one or two adult tickets for that day
  • Click “Look for Tickets” which takes you to a page asking a verification code; this is the usual where you see some writing that can not be easily machine read and you have to type it in.
  • No matter how many times you try to enter the verification code and no matter how clear the text is to read by the human eye, it will not match them
  • I tested repeatedly and it will always fail with the Comodo VE plug-in enabled
  • You can turn off every other IE plug-in and just turn Comodo VE on by itself and it will still fail so it doesn’t appear to be an interaction problem with other plug-ins; turn off VE and it always works

I am running the latest version of IE7 with Windows Vista Ultimate. I ran Windows update this morning just to confirm everything was completely up to date today.


Reason: Out-Dated post.