IE7 and Firefox significantly slower since CIS install.

I installed CIS and now both IE7 and Firefox are running significantly slower. They were both slow before, but Comodo System Cleaner corrected that, but after installing CIS, they are back to running slowly.

Also, I try to update virus definitions and it gets hung up at 30%.

I’m not a geek, so if you answer this, please speak in simpler terms - I have some understanding of computers, but not the “buzz words” necessarily.

The update of the AV database after a fresh install is approx 106 MB big. During the download the progress indicator will stay at 30%. You can imagine that downloading 106 MB may take (quite) a while and will most likely influence the browser’s download speeds.

Wait for the download to finish. You can check the progress by monitoring the download by cmdagent.exe under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Active Connections.