IE version slows browsing

Okay I tried this latest version of PrivDog and the site now does open in IE 11 but using the addon is still a no go. Contrary to the claim that it speeds up browsing, quite the opposite is the case. It noticeably slows the loading of the Yahoo page but when tested with the mmo-champion site, the slowdown is horrendous. I timed it with a stopwatch after cleaning out the browser with CCleaner before every test run. The times are how long it takes for the site to become usable. By that I mean able to be scrolled with the mouse wheel.

Page using only the tracking protection list from Abine----- 7.4 seconds
Page using only tracking protection from privacychoice------10.2 seconds
Page using only PrivDog -----------------------------------35.4 seconds

Obviously this is unacceptable and coupled with the fact that PrivDog resides in the Command bar which I do not want to show, I will stick with the built in tracking protection feature of IE. I would much rather see the PrivDog icon show in the system tray/notifications area but I have no idea if that would even be possible.

Again, the version for Dragon works great and the browser is snappy on all pages. It’s just the IE version that is not yet ready for prime time.

I see you are also using other blocklists or block applications/add ons. Could you try disabling them and then see if with only Privdog the load time is still off the charts.

When disabling does not make a difference could you uninstall them completely and what happens? Do these list work by having them added to the filtering options of IE (like Spybot does f.e.)?

The time observed for PrivDog says in my post that only it was enabled. The tracking lists were turned off.

Also, I tried it with both Abine and PrivDog enabled and PrivDog blocked nothing and did not serve up any replacement ads because the tracking list blocked everything first. PrivDog’s statistics stayed at zero after browsing to 4 or 5 different sites. The browser slowdown was still present however. PrivDog running by itself did show the statistics.

I am not going to reinstall the PrivDog plugin and completely remove the other lists because I’m sure it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. IE PrivDog is gone and will stay gone until the next version comes out. Then, I might try it again.

The information I provided should be enough for the developers to test with and see what the issue is.

EDIT: I see in the other thread that they have determined it is a bug and will be fixed in the 1.9.xx versions of the plugin. I’ll wait until then before trying it again.

Hi guys!
Thank you for the feedback :-TU
Yes, we will add the support IE11 soon.