IE version prevents sites from loading.

The site will not load. I just get a blank white screen. It opens fine in Dragon with PD active but not in IE 10 or 11.

I too think there is a prob with PD in IE.

I was trying to download malware for tests. Many links didn’t worked. malc0de site has very few dead links. So I tried with PD disabled & links worked. Same links worked in CD with PD enabled.

So it seems PD has probs in IE.

XP SP3 32
IE 8

I think the IE plugin has a long way to go compared to its Chrome and Firefox bretheren. Currently it is not compatible with Enhanced Protected Mode, and my IE11 randomly hang with PrivDog tried to redirect to the trusted ads. Not to mention there are plenty of small niggles.

I guess it’s not all Comodo’s, IE is known as a nightmare for software developer. Even popular extensions such as Web of Trust and Adblock Plus for IE to this date are still miles behind their Firefox and Chrome counterparts.

Unfortunately at its current state, i’ll have to give PrivDog on Internet Explorer a miss.

Also i have slight trouble uninstalling the program. The uninstaller is unresponsive. I have to wait several seconds before able to make selection from the check boxes.