IE Outbound TCP Port 843

Safe to connect to Adobe socket server? Notice how the redirect blew right past Avast web shield.

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The connection is most likely requested by Flash Player according to this article:

The port 843 is used by the Adobe socket policy file server. This is used to distribute socket policy files. Socket policy files are used to authorize connections to clients. This function is used to facilitate streaming media from the Internet. The service is also used by later versions of the Adobe Flash Player to manage incoming media.
These socket policy files are distributed from the TCP port 843 to listen for requests to access the system. The same port is used to send the socket policy files to request clients over the Internet. Adobe has applied to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) to reserve the port 843 for the socket file server.
The port 843 is standardized as the socket file server port so that it will be the default port used during set-up.
If the port 843 is used as the default port for the server, a socket meta-policy can be implemented so that the socket policy rules can be implemented faster.

CIS may be blocking the traffic before it would get intercepted by Avast here. You are probably using the Web Browser policy for IE which explains why outgoing traffic on a non defined port gets blocked.

Thanks, Eric.

Yes, I was aware of the Adobe Flash Socket referenence. My question is should it be allowed? Has anyone researched this?

Yes, I use the default Comodo web browser policy with slight modifications.

Bottom line - I don’t trust anything Adobe does web wise anymore. Adobe Flash etc. works just fine with std. HTTP port TCP 80. An example is TCP port 1935 used for RTMP which if not available will redirect to TCP port 80.

I never investigated it.