???Hello i will know what the firewall has been blocked incase of IDS and HIPS, with Outpost you get an balloon with intruder blocked etc, is Comodo also capable to warn you that an intruder has been blocked and where can you find info what the IDS & HIPS have blocked.


You won’t get any message about blocked items, and the IDS-part of CFP 3 won’t give any alerts. but to view what has been blocked, open CFP 3, and go to Firewall → View Firewall Events. It’ll only show events for one day, so you’ll need to click More… if you want to see the blocked items over a longer period. Really, it’s often not intrusions, but things that’s being blocked by a application/global rule. Sadly, it won’t tell you which rule that blocks the item. For the HIPS part, go to Defense+ → View Defense+ Events. Like with the firewall events, you’ll need to click More… to see the events for a longer period that one day.


Strange how do i know of an intruder is being blocked and why doesn’t make Comodo an rule that blocks the ip of the intruder with Outpost was it simple to block an intruder with his of her ip so they tried it not again. There is a lot to do for the developers of the Comodo Firewall 3 i hope they are not blind for recommendations of there users

Hello Speedo, The main thing is the The firewall blocks the intrusion attempt. Blocking the I.P address is not so important as you may think as ALOT of systems change their IP address automatically, sometimes once every couple of days or sometimes several times a day!

Edit:They are by no means blind. The team of Comodo is excellent, Providing this service for free to the home user. Not only that, but the firewall stacks up as offering the best protection for free or paid firewalls. (In my opinion, and many others would agree)