IDM (Internet Download Manager) not working with IceDragon

While i can use IDM with firefox , couldn’t use it with IceDragon,
In IDM options, i can see “plugin for IceDragon”
But in IceDragon extensions list, there is no idm extension installed…

Anyone having/had the same issue?

Please Help :cry:

Hi and welcome ashok_weird,
Have you installed the extension directly into CID using CID?
I haven’t tried it so I can’t confirm that it works.
IDM integration guide for Firefox and other Mozilla based browsers
Edit: The extension does install into IceDragon.

IDM is works with version 20? ???
Look here:

  1. I cannot integrate IDM into FireFox. Full instruction
  2. Instructions for intergating IDM in FireFox do not work

It may be useful?

Edit: Look at that.
It is not recommended for Firefox.

Why was it locked?
This add-on …

i think you need this add on it will make IDM work

try that one, i even disable IDM Plugin :slight_smile: