Can anyone tell me what CatRoot2/dberr.txt is? I’m apparently downloading new updates almost constantly. I just started with the COMODO Firewall right after downloading SP2 and I have no idea what some of the things mean that I’m asked to allow or disallow while I’m online. Would there be a safer setting for me than the one I’m currently using which is training safe mode?

Hi, donna sims

This is very safe and convinient mode for Defense+, if you want more safe mode - try paranoid mode 8)
For firewall you can choose custom policy mode.

Thanks for the reply. I am probably paranoid as I was having all sorts of problems before I oaded the SP2 and the new firewall. I really like the firewall. However, the paranoid mode would probably slow me down even more than the one I’m in now. I have to stop and think about every alert to make sure I’m not inadvertently letting something harmful in. I don’t understand why the CatRoot2 thing keeps coming up as I have checked the box that says to remember this answer. It just sounds like something suspicious. However, things are still working well and the scans don’t show any problems. Do you know what the CatRoot2 is? I’ve been able to figure out everything else. :THNK

Try to find out more about CatRoot2 with the help of this link.

:THNKWell, thanks for the link. I learned from it that apparently the thing isn’t a problem, just an annoying part of the download process that is continuing. I think I’ll leave well enough alone for now and be happy with the new firewall. I’ve received no error notices and had no problems with using my system. So, thanks.

I agree that it’s annoying. However, I found that for my PC the alert on dberr.txt only pops up when I browse a lot (but not all) websites with Internet Explorer. db must stand for “database” and err must stand for “error”. I also think it’s related to updating root certificates and Cryptographic Services in the Windows Event Viewer.