Identifying those first connections after initial install...


After installing the firewall it asks me about identifying my networks trying to connect. How would I know what are what to make the right descision? I had two connect and I allowed both but later after finding an old install guide I noticed he had only one similar router type (?) number connected as the main connection.

Should I just reinstall it and try and look up those numbers and hope to properly idenify them?

I have removed one …not at all sure what it was I removed. Leaving the one has my internet still working. Likely I dropped a device in the house on the network? I hope it will install again.

Sorry, I try and not be a noob with this stuff but there’s alot to keep up with. Home networking has never been too fun.

Thank you all.

edit: Dude, why was my sentence changed to say “total wonderfull hunk you”??? changed it back to something sane …I don’t often call myself a wonderfull hunk. Someone messing with me? lol

If you have a router, your home network will have an ip something like
You can give this network a new name (e.g. Home Network). This makes it easy to identify later.

You can still change the network name even after the initial startup.
Go to Firewall/Advanced. (see example in the attached pic.)

Select the current network name, and Edit.

Does this help you any?

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Yes it does and thanks. Thing is …I wonder what that other connection was that I had allowed -already removed. Could it have been a device like a my Wii or Xbox? The Wii was on. It’s not easy to tell for the beginner, thats me.

That it was the Wii could very well be.
If it comes back, you will know.