Identify vulnerabilities and software updates


Under the “Programs” section, you could add two extra columns for “Vulnerabilities” and “Update Available” and then use icons to identify the status of each installated product. Selecting the product could then include a link to update in the details pane.

Might also be usefull for CPM to have it’s own system tray icon which would the “pop up” if an update or vulnerable product was found.


Wish the same :slight_smile:

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sounds good

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that was in ver 1 but worked poorly so devs removed it.
i really wish to had it back.
it would check installed programs (on demand or in the fly and inform the user).
it could use softpedia or cnet or whatever database.


Sounds like a wish to incorporate Secunia PSI into Comodo Program Manager (CPM). Maybe Comodo could work with Secunia to incorporate their update database with CPM or roll in a Secunia module that performed the versioning check and vulnerability alerts. Otherwise, for this type of feature, it seems users wanting this should look at using Secunia PSI.

Just be aware that having an older version does not itself guarantee there is a vulnerability in the older version that you currently have. Being an old version doesn’t mean it is vulnerable. Newer versions may have addressed functionality changes, not security patches. That’s where Secunia PSI will fail by falsely alerting users that their old version makes them vulnerable.