Ident Auth port 113 [Resolved]

Hey im using Tiny IdentD for setting my ident, i sometimes use it to some auth with diffrent servers, however i cant seem to get it to work, it finds it as a server and i choose “allow” but still the idendity reponce do not work, i tried add a rule “all ips - tcp/udp - in/out - dest/source port 113.” but it has as little affect. what do i have to do to allow that ident port to be added?

I found out by adding the rule. Allow TCP IN/OUT - source ip: Any / port: any - Dest ip: any / port: 113 … did the trick…

Welcome to the forum.
I’m glad it worked out for you.
You could probably remove the OUT, and just use TCP IN.
There is already a general everything out rule, and sometimes it can cause some strange behavior when using both IN and OUT in the same rule in network monitor.
Sometimes you need to restart before a rule takes effect.
Good luck.