Ideas regarding Forum Policy (With Poll)

Hi all I thought it maybe a good idea for the Forum policy to open up during first log in for all new members, and possibly for existing members who haven’t logged in for over 6mths. Also PM all existing members active in the last 6mths about any changes that occur to the Policy. What are your thoughts. Thanks

A good idea is that all old members or maybe even all existing members should have influence on principles included in Forum Policy. Comodo Forum is made for Comodo software users , so everybody who is registered should have an capability to create it and at least have little bit influence on Forum Policy. Of course every registered member should be beholden for accepting Forum Policy , that is a normal/typical procedure.
Best wishes. :slight_smile:

Hello All :slight_smile:

The forum policy is shown 2 times during the ‘sign up’ procedure, Once is during the initial registration and secondly after successfully logged in,

The System Administrators has implemented few methods during the past month to help with spammers and other ‘issues’…


Hi Jake, I didn’t realise this or didn’t remember. That probably renders this Topic a waste. My apologies.

It doesn’t render this topic ‘a waste’

There aren’t to many forum violations lately, they seem to be decreasing…



captainsticks,this is a great idea. I voted YES.

This is a good idea. It would prevent help educate Comodo Forum users of how they should treat other members.