Ideas for a unique browser.

Hi all. I mentioned some of this in the Opera topic, so I do apologise for slightly cross-posting here. I just thought it best to start a new topic and let the Opera topic get back on track. I think it would be good for a good developer to make a browser from scratch, not resembling other browsers at all. Not sure how at this stage, but something to have a unique look and feel. I find most browsers are all to much alike, and seem to have a copycat approach. Ideas to make a unique browser please???
Maybe some expert Comodo users can get together and make something. Also I have always liked the idea of its own layout engine, but I guess this gets fairly complicated. Thanks and Kind regards.

Unique layout engine, why? So it will render the pages diffrently from the others? Thats kindof what IE6 do. And developers go mad trying to make their page look the same on all diffrent browsers. :smiley:

The problem with any web browser is that no matter how original it may start out to be, as more and more users start using the browser, they start asking the developers to add features that their previous browser had. It doesn’t take long before the new and unique kid on the block is just another browser. :slight_smile:

Hi Celsius.Why? Just to be different, this is where Opera is unique. If Opera can do it why can’t others do it? I do see your point about trying to make pages look the same though. I just think characteristics good and bad follow the layout engine. Opera for example doesn’t have critics saying the other browser is using a later version, because their is no other Presto based browser. Is another unique layout engine impossible? This may seem silly, but it is just some thoughts running around freely in my head (Plenty of room up there).

Hi HeffeD. This could be a problem, but I do think with alot of heads together their still could be ways around it to keep it unique. Thanks guys.

Want a unique idea?

Yesterday we use browsers, today we use cloud operating system(s) that are only 15MB-80MB…

What is a operating system?
operating system (OS) is piece of software, consisting of and able to manage programs and data, that runs on electronic systems

for today’s rich and enhanced websites/web applications… we(developers) need to start thinking about a web browser like we do with an operating system,

If a developer started thinking this way… and just include a “browser kernel”
Sorta like the good old “Lynx browser” with configurable settings (network connections/file locations/add-remove components etc)

Have everything else as if they were ‘components’
A Repository full of components
example: image(s) support/javascript support/java support/alternate-secure flash support/pdf support/doc support editor/mouse gestures support/torrent client support/email client support (sorta like evolution/opera)/plugin support support(firefox)/extension support(opera/chrome)/component updater/advance settings GUI and command line/ Security Check(checks whether SSL Certs are valid) or (if target related domain have been reporedt to certain websites)/ user profile handling with good encryption of passwords/user names… as well as separate settings/components for different users

even the GUI should be a “component” and not included

The downloadable installer should never be bigger then 1MB … which during the installation procedure the installer asks the user if they wish to use 1) browser kernel OR 2) Browser kern + GUI OR 3) Browser Kern + GUI + Popular Components (Flash/PDF/Security Check) etc…

Have well detailed Documentation is a must! of every component, of every feature, of every setting, of everything

Cannot stress this enough; have every component signed! and light! nothing “Added under the rug”

Have it open source(of course).

I must also stress on the issue that it will detect “dependencies and errors before they happen” (A optional choice)

have different “spins” ie (Firefox spin - Same identical features and support for firefox themes/Opera spin/ IE spin/ Chrome spin etc)

Also to stress; have linux version/windows version/
Debian Variant/Red Hat Variant/Mac Variant (Yes there are Sub Variants of Mac)

… How will the component be downloaded and installed? (Develop a super lightweight component manager) and the new component will be added the installation directory which will be slipstreamed into the executeable

---- Install directory
– ‘browser kernel’ < browser executable hook onto here
– browser < components be added to this executable and component added to
– component manager
---- component directory <downloaded components are here

Reason i loved firefox is because you can tear the GUI, menu’s, components down to the single line of code…
they should take the above idea and really think about it

Opera is an ok browser… i loved it because it included all of this in one single installation which i started to dislike very quickly… and other reasons…

K-Melon is known to be very light… but not so well with configuration

Chrome has privacy issues;

Dragon is just a copy of chrome minus the privacy issues and add few security features and slap a logo over it

Netscape is no longer popular…

IE is … lets not get started with that…

I believe strongly in this idea; and already creating blueprints… and me ; couple of my buddies as well are actually planning on building such browser… we believe that there should be a browser where it doesn’t have all these features that make it bloat … but have a browser where the user decides what they want… when they want… how they want…

It’s rather simple to build… but most likely will never catch on if only 4 basement techies work on it…

I know any “Computer Security” company will not build such browser… but soon… very soon!

So what do ya guys think?

Kind Regards

So, Jacob, this will be a browser in the cloud?

Will there be any privacy issues? 88)

Depends on what you mean by “this will be a browser in the cloud”…

and No Privacy Issues.

Kind Regards

Hi Jake. I thought I might get some small ideas and suggestions, but your post is quite amazing. I don’t really know how to reply to it other than thanks for the indepth response, and I guess my thoughts were a bit behind times. Your ideas are most definately unique, and they sound very interesting indeed. Thanks and Kind regards.

Will it require a connection to its servers to work?

If these are down, will the browser still work?

Only need connection to the ‘servers’ if you wish to get components/updates

That is all…

Kind Regards


I think the idea is very intresting (Jacob). Good luck with it.