I'd like to pose questions to users of Bitdefender paid anti-virus

  1. Does the paid version of Bitdefender AV remove programs without user discretion like the free version is well known to do?

  2. How happy are you with the realtime protection of paid Bitdefender?

  3. How happy are you with its proficiency in removing infections?

  4. How much of a problem has it posed with false positive detections?

  5. How much of an impact has it had on system performance? Does it go bezerk on CPU usage whenever you open your Downloads folder as Microsoft Security Essentials does?

  6. How would you compare it to other anti-viruses you have had?

  7. If you have had it, how would you describe your experience with the Bitdefender firewall?

  8. How would you compare it to other firewalls you have had?

  9. How do you rate Bitdefenderā€™s support?