ICS denied

comodo firewall is great. but i encountered a small problem.
noob question here, sorry for my ignorance… cant really find the solution myself, so help me please…

here’s the scenario:

i have 2 pc’s.

pc1 has 2 lan cards:
pc1 lan1 connects to the internet (dynamic)
pc1 lan2 connects to another pc (static

pc2 lan1 connects to pc1 lan2 (dynamic)

i know this ICS works because i have used this set up before, but after installing comodo to pc1, pc2 can’t use the internet. i have tried turning off comodo and pc2 can now access the internet.

what do i need to do with comodo to allow pc2 to get internet connection…

again, sorry for my ignorance. i really don’t know what to tweak.
thanks for the replies!


I suppose you’re using a router or another device to connect the computers to eachother, so you’ll need to add it as a trusted zone.
Open CFP, click the ‘Security tab’, and now click ‘Define a new Trusted Network’ under ‘Wizards’. Then add you’re routers IP-range(for example’) and name it something like ‘Home network’.