ICQ File transfer

I know that there is at least one other post concerning this same question. But the answer to it didn’t help me. How do I have to set up CPF to allow file transfer in ICQ?

Which port do you use for trasfering the files?

The connection port is 5190. The firewall port is 1080.

Try to add this rule under network monitor:

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Remote IP = your computer IP
Source port = Any
Remote port = “A set of ports” = 1080,5190

and move this rule up, over the default block rules

Thank you. I will try this. :slight_smile:

You are welcome.

ps. if this rule don’t work change the protocol from TCP to TCP/UDP :wink:

Tried this with both TCP and TCP/UDP and it didn’t help at all. Still can’t transfer with the firewall on.

Activate the “log” option at the “block” rule. Then ask at the other party to download from you.

Then post the logs at this topic. The logs will help identifying the problem

OK, I set this up again and watched the log as my friend was trying to send a file to me. The log showed a Rule #2 was blocking is transfer. I checked that rule and it was a Block rule that was blocking the transfer. I deleted that rule and it’s now working, for now.

Can you explain to me how to “activate the log option” at the “block” rule? The only block rule I have is to block IP in. Thanks.

I hope you still have an IP Block rule in your list… if not, the solution was not to remove the Block entry, it would have been to move it to the bottom.

If you only had 2 rules defined (the defaults), then the correct action would have been to walk through the trusted zone wizard and let it create the needed additional rules.

If you edit the Block IP rule (double-click it), you will notice a checkbox beside the Action dropdown. Put a check in the box and you will now get log entries for what gets blocked. Post what gets blocked and we should be able to guide you to additional rules you might need to allow what is being incorrectly blocked.

Thank you. I put the check there and will post log when I have one.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: