Icon not showing anymore, repair could not fix it, uninstall took very long & ..

Some weird things happened the last days and I hope to figure out the reason so I can be sure it is not malicious activity.

I think it was yesterday when I noticed that the CIS icon was no longer shown in the status bar, however traffic filtering was still active (just could not be changed). That was why I did not care much until a switch to a different network today required configuration of the firewall. Furthermore firefox did suddenly not start up properly anymore (I used it about 6 hours before without any problem), Not properly meaning only spawning a process or a white window, not showing the normal UI.

chkdsk of both partitions of he internal drive were without any issues. Health state of the systems SSD is 100% good according to CrystalDiskInfo.

  1. Repair of the CIS setup “could not automatically repair” the issue
  2. Uninstall took about 30 Minutes
  3. After reinstall all firewall rules were COMODO default again
    “Download free firewall” on Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022 took me to a download not of the firewll (with optional additional components) but to a download of antivirus (with firewall as one of the optional components)

Trying to Log in on this forum with my old account was answered by “Password security has recently been upgraded. Please enter your password again.” and then “Password incorrect”. Try 3 caused the first message again, try 4 the second again and so on. It is possible that the stored password is not uptodate, I am not sure, I was just puzzled by “Password security has recently been upgraded. Please enter your password again.”, because that seems phishy to me.

After the reinstall and following reboot I was informed that windows scripting host is disabled, so something tried to use Scripting Host, but couldn’t. It is very possible that I disabled it for security reasons at some point in time, however it seems related to the Comodo install, because I have not seen this message for quite a long time.

To me it seems like technical issues that are not malicious, but as I dont feel entirely confident about this opinion I wrote this post.

Hi . . . the disappearing icon is a known and reported issue, due to be fixed in the soon to be released next update

This is the link to the free Firewall: Free Firewall

There was a problem with the Forum software some time ago, which necessitated member Password updates / changes, which is the problem you came across when trying to log in initially

The same thing has just happened to me. Repair won’t work and now its been uninstalling for 30 minutes and still going. Very frustrating.