Icon names, like ones in left sife colum, disappeared

I think CSC is great and better than System Mechanic.

When I first installed it in my desktop (Win.XP) all icons in mains page and others pages, usually in left side column, had a name below them. Suddenly when I tried to run CSC on Saturday afterward those names were gone.

I just installed CSC in my laptop (Win.XP too) and names were there. So I reinstalled it in my desktop but no way, those >:( names didn’t show up.

What can I do to recover them and not lose them again?

Please tell us what programs did you installed until the time when the names for modules dissapeared.
Also, please provide us with a print screen of the defect and the logs of CSC for each cleaner; these can be found in the installed location of CSC and are text documents named after each cleaner.
And also, have you installed System Mechanic and CSC both in the same time period?

Thank you for your support.

Thanks for your answer. Please, find attached what you asked for. Your system refused to accept a .log document so I converted to .doc the cleaning logs.

I have used System Mechanic (SM) for years, but once a week, specifically on Saturdays; rest of the time I put it to “sleep” till next Saturday. So when I first installed CSC, SM was installed but sleeping (disabled). What I did was running CSC for a couple of consecutive Saturdays, put it to sleep each time and then running SM for comparative purposes next Saturday. After doing that couple o times I decided to continue using CSC and keep SM for only functions CSC doesn’t have.

I don’t know how to figure out what programs I’ve installed after CSC, but since I suspect that any possible conflict might be with security programs, the ones I installed were Avira Antivirus free, Malwarebytes’ and Spyware Doctor. I used some of them once a week only, and maintained them sleeping (disabled) rest of the time because my always active security program is ESET Smart Security suite, which I installed long before CSC.

It seems to me that the CSC icons’ names disappeared after one of the Saturdays I run SM instead of CSC, but I’m not sure.

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Is me again.

I discovered I have also installed another cleaning program: Advanced System Care. So I uninstalled it, uninstalled CSC too, cleaning up my PC using System Mechanic, start up my PC, download a fresh CSC copy and install it,… AND SAME PROBLEM! I cannot see see icon’s names in main screen, and when they show up in some other screens they are lightly misplaced as shown in attached screenshot.

What runs me crazy is that I’ve installed CSC in my second desktop (XP Professional) and in my laptop (XP Home) both with same security and cleaning programs, and also in two friend’s desktops (XP Professional) with same security programs but no other cleaning ones, and no problem at all: all icons’ names show up and no misplaced at all.

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We found the problem to the missing icon names on your system.
We figured out from your screenshot that your screen resolution is set somewhere to 125 DPI, which causes the icon labels(names) to reposition according to the DPI settings on your system.
The common DPI settings are: 96 DPI(normal size) and 120 DPI(large size). CSC was designed to support both screen resolutions but nothing between these two, above or less.
You can try change it to one of the two DPI settings and check the icon names again.
You can do this by right clicking on your desktop, select Properties, click on Settings tab, then click on Advanced button and at “DPI setting” section select “Normal size(96 DPI)”, apply the new setting and restart your system when you are being asked.

Thank you for your support.

Thanks, Ursua: problem is over! In two others PCs DPIs are 96 normal.

However I wonder how it could happen because I formatted and reinstalled last February, I haven´t changed DPIs since then, and CSC appeared fine the first 2 or 3 times I used it.

We’re glad we could help you.
And the issue you have, could be because you also have installed Advanced System Care and System Mechanic. And using 3 cleaning programs on the same system could be the source of many problems.

Thank you for your support.

May you’re right. I’ve a reputation for having PCs with “witches” inside them.

However, no one of the cleaning programs I test, CSC included, are allowed to start up when Windows does. I use one of them on Saturday when I perform cleaning and backing-up tasks, and once this tasks are finished, I restarted my PC and the cleaning program is sent to sleep again.