Icon in SysTray Changes

I’ve been through all 10 pages of FAQ’s and can’t find any info referring to meaning of different displays by CFW icon in SysTray. I knowe I’ve seen it in the past, but somehow can no longer find meanings. Would someone please guide me to proper place? Thank you.

you mean, sometimes it’s a plain white shield icon, and sometimes it changes to smaller & burning shield? :-La
yeah i’ve read it too. IIRC the small with extra fire occurs when it’s updating :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply. I was aware of what you wrote, but when Iposted, I had a small red circle on bottom right of the icon. I shut down for several hours, and now after booting up, it appears to be functioning properly.i.e., as you described.

ow the stop sign like red circle. i had it twice. i have ahd electrical failure twice when i was using my computer (didn’t have UPS). and after turning it back on, i have that red circle & i notice the cmdagent.exe didn’t run. perhaps you have corrupted CIS? ??? :-La

the red circle means that CIS is not functioning. when it was the flame over the shield it means that it is updating, when it is red arrows is incoming and green is outcoming info (i think this is the color set right)

Thank you both for the replies. My settings were correct, and I even performed the Diagnostics check which also said everything was correct. In any event, working fine, and, Thanks Again.