Icon Animation

Hi. I am new to Comodo and the forum. I have looked at the help file and the FAQs. I can find no explanation of the tray Icon’s animations beyond red is in and green is outward traffic. But sometimes I notice a single green downward bar (doesn’t look like an arrow but my eyes aren’t so great) at the lower right of the shield. Is that just an indication of minor outward traffic like ack of incoming traffic?

Is there anywhere I can find a fuller explanation of what the animation possiblities are and what they mean? Is it worth it? Does it actually tell you anything meaningful that makes you more secure or is it just wasted CPU cycles?

Thanks in advance.

It’s actually a complete arrow. It’s just that the left leg of the arrow follows the contour of the bottom of the shield so closely that it blends right in and seems to disappear.

But yes, that’s indicating a small amount of outbound traffic.

I’m not aware of a detailed explanation of the animations. The only purpose is to show network traffic. It’s not really something that helps with security unless that is your only indicator of network activity. So if there was traffic occurring that shouldn’t be and you were unaware of it, it could be useful.

If you are worried about CPU cycles (which are likely insignificant) you can turn the animation off by right clicking on the tray icon and deselecting Show Tray Animation.