Icedragon_updater should not to run always

Comodo icedragon browser uses icedragon_updater to load with windows. This is running all the time. I have changed setting for auto update. Even turned off search engine update from Tools>Options>Advanced>Update. But still it runs always. This is not necessary. At least give users option to decide whether to run it always or not. While installing, Firefox gives the chance to decide whether to install maintenance service or not. That is the desired way.

Please think about theses - Let user decide whether to install icedragon_updater or not. If you do not want users to have that choice at least configure it in such a way so that it does not load with windows and doesn’t run always.

Thanks for all your efforts that let us have the beautiful comodo products.

IceDragon Version 26.0 + Windows XP SP3.

Hi surferby,
See here.


Yes, I have got that dear captainsticks. Thank you.