IceDragon - Help file error.

A discrepancy between the help file image and the browsers options in the GUI.
Configuring Updates to Add-ons
Browser options - ‘Reset all add-ons to update manually’. (Screenshot 1)
Help file - ‘Reset all add-ons to update automatically’. (Screenshot 2)

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In Russian just as in help the file.
Browser options - 'Reset all add-ons to update Automatically"
P.S. Only this option doesn’t work for me. (Automatic updating joins, but the mark isn’t fixed.)
The same in FF.

Hi jenny66,
For me the functions does not appear to alter any ‘plug-ins’ settings, but it does set the ‘extensions’ back to their default setting. (Screenshot)

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Hi captainsticks.
Yes It’s so.
By Default it is an automatic updating.
For me, this is an example with the addition of Ghostery.
For example: Ghostery.
If costs by default, it will be updated automatically to 5 versions and won’t work. (in CID).
Example 2: If to disconnect that it will automatically not be updated.
But when to press point ( 'Reset all add-ons to update Automatically"), there is a switching by default. (automatically)
P.S. I think.
'Reset all add-ons to update Automatically " - This dangerous (casual ) pressing. As it isn’t fixed by a mark.
Resets all of your settings additions (preference) to update automatically.
Edit: I think it a mistake in the language file in the browser ( ‘Reset all add-ons to update manually’.).
It has to be corrected on the automatic - Reset all add-ons to update Automatically.