icedragon.exe is not valid win32 application

hi, my operating system windows vista 32-bit, i install tha last version icedragon but when i start icedragon say this error , “icedragon.exe is not valid win32 application”, why?

Re: icedragon.exe is not valid win32 application
Lets assume your only running one version of icedragon. This should be a very simple fix. The file itself is somehow corrupt propabably when installing the new version. Can you redownload icedragon again and do it again. I also recommend (but not required) save the profile and book marks. I suspect its a fragmented file. It does happen

Are you sure you downloaded the 32 bit version and not the 64 bit version?

Yes im sure, i download 32-bit version and this this is my first install, i try reinstall and install again but problem is not solve.

IceDragon is based on Firefox browser and Firefox has stopped supporting Vista and XP after version 52.9. The official IceDragon page says it still supports XP and Vista. I don’t know if trying to install on Vista plays a role.

Can you see what happens if you start the installer as admin? Does the installer get sandboxed? Does the file hash of the installer match the hash provided in the release topic?

I am having the same problem trying to install Ice Dragon on XP. If Comodo browsers no longer work on XP or 32bit - they NEED TO UPDATE their website so people stop wasting their time downloading and trying to install Comodo products that do not work.

I am having the same problem installing icedragon v65.0.2.15 32bit on xp. The website still says it works on xp. But not for me. Does anyone know the latest version that does work on xp, and how to get it?
There was also a message during installation: error opening file for writing: success\comodo\icedragon\extensions\https[at] I get it again when running the repair installation. And I still the message that it is not a valid win32 application when I try to run the program.

The latest version of FF that works on XP is 52.9. So the latest version of CID to support would be Comodo does not have repository with previous versions. Filepuma still provides it though: Download Comodo IceDragon Internet Browser for windows - .