IceDragon Cache Locale

Hello all:

Please, where can I find the Cache location on the Hard Drive for IceDragon files. I looked in Temp, ProgramFiles & (86), AppData, and the registry, all to no avail. :-\

Thank you!

Hi international.fixer,
Show ‘Hidden files, folders and drives’ in Windows folder options.
Cache found in C:\Users\Username\AppData\local\Comodo\IceDragon\Profiles\xxxxxx.default\Cache.

Type about:cache into the address bar to confirm the location.

Kind regards.

Thanks much, Cpt. I ck’d there before, it always has index.sqlite in it. Nothing else.

I’m looking for the files themselves. I can grab certain files before they automatically delete themselves.

I just raised the kB of space, let’s see if that does the trick!


Also, it seems ALL CACHE goes into memory, not the HARD DRIVE plantation.

You are welcome.
Make certain you are looking in the ‘Cache’ folder and not the ‘OfflineCache’ folder.
about:Cache will confirm the location.

Kind regards.

This may occur if you are using ‘Private Browsing Mode’.

That must be it! I am using (Private Tab by Infocatcher) add-on. It must be overriding the normal tabs.

What’s open is (1) Private Tab and (10-15) Normal Tabs!

Thanks again!

No problem, it might be worth temporarily disabling the extension just to check the results. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.

This could also happen if ‘Clear history when IceDragon closes’ is enabled.