IceDragon And Windows 8?.

Excuse my naivity but is IceDragon compatable with Windows 8 64bit?.

It won’t be native 64bit, but if Firefox is compatible with Windows8, IceDragon will also be compatible.

Hi bluesjunior,

IceDragon works on Windows 8, as I am using it, but it does not set itself as the default browser properly :frowning: but in the next release this should be fixed - see this post:-��-cid/cid-on-windows-8-pro-32bit-t88398.0.html

i confirm Ice Dragon is working perdfectly on Windows 8 Pro 64 bits

But set it not to Default Browser
Burt working great

i find a solution to set it as default!
Go to option of ice dragon>advanced
And choose “set it as default” it’s gonna open a window and on the left choose icedragon