icedragon and dns

hello , i’m sorry if this is in the wrong section
i installed icedragon today after searching for a long time for a browser that fits my needs , one thing in particular that caught my eye is the integrated dns services of comdo
so here is the problem , when i ran ID i tried to check how effective is the dns service through this ""
it showed multiple new dns addresses which i’m sure are comdos but at the same time my original dns address is shown with my real location and isp which is like im using a normal browser like firefox

i need an explanation please , is this the maximum that ID can provide or am i doing something wrong ,and please provide a fix if possible

thank you

I tried visiting that link and it showed me my IP address and several Comodo DNS addresses. When I disabled the Comodo DNS servers option in Ice Dragon’s settings, it then showed me just the one DNS server from my ISP. I don’t know that much about it but it seems to all be in order. :slight_smile:

maybe my question wasnt clear , is it normal to see comodo dns and my isp dns at the same time when its enabled ?
isnt the whole aim of comodo dns to bypass isp dns ?

this way my identity and everything i do is visible to my isp , which is why i downloaded comodo ID to protect me against in the first place

did you see your isp dns with comodos at the same time when enabled ?

No I just saw Comodo’s DNS servers with it enabled. But my location and everything else is still visible. I think this is normal behaviour though, using Comodo’s DNS servers won’t act like a proxy as far as I know.

No its not normal to see both your ISP DNS and the Comodo DNS or any other DNS. this means there is a DNS Leak in the comodo dns security system.

I just installed a fresh copy of icedragon v and in the legal terms that were presented to be approved by me it said I was approving the use of comodo dns and then I ran the leaktest and got totally different results which makes it difficult to trust this product until there is a resolution. You should file a bug report and either use a product you trust or turn off the comodo dns in icedragon and allow your computer to send your dns requests to sites you know and trust.

I like your leak test site. You might try a few others to see if you get matching results. Try this one www dot dnsleaktest dot com

Hello newbies, I’m one too but I know (or at least I think I know) that DNS stands for Dynamic Number System/Server. You put in a name and the DNS looks up the number for you, like a sort of automated 'phone book. It can also log which sites you visit and provide the operator with information he can sell, just like Google and Facebook.
The Comodo DNS tells you if you’re trying to connect to a dodgy site (even if, sometimes, it is wrong); it has nothing to do with your Internet Provider. If you want to hide where you’re connecting from, you need a proxy server and I don’t think Comodo do those.
WARNING! If you want a proxy, get a pay-for one, if it’s “free”, like many other things in this world, you pay some other way.
If any of this is wrong, I hope the experts will correct me.

If you are getting multiple results does not mean that your DNS leaking or something like that, if you ISP or location is changing then you might in the trouble. for more clear checking you can check here for DNS leak Test Tool. you can also check proper IP leak test which will give you actual figures about your connection