IceDragon 57

Quick question. I see FF is already launching v.58
Will the new version of ID, that is in beta, also be upgraded into v.58?, or is that ‘a lot of work’ extra to be done for it to be validated&approved?
I read something somewhere that v.57 have a hole, that will be sorted by Moz in v.58. -I was wondering perhaps, if IceDragon might actually jump from v.57 to v.58 in the official release.
-By the way, already loving the ID v.57 Beta… :wink:

ive had v57 running for a while now , what hole are you talking about Ulvetann ? i dont see or have had any hole in it, its been as secure as
i cant fault v57 so far, its been wonderful, leaves the v64 for dead and thats no joke, the trouble i had with that v64 was incredible, with all its bugs it had
off topic yes but not really, ericH
surely it can be put under our user name where you can go to “my posts or threads” will save trawling around looking for what and when we posted on what ever, so much easier for it to come up and just click on the thread or post and it all comes up to see and go to in a flash, just trying to help navigate here easier :slight_smile:
up there where it says
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thx ozz