icedragom images

in site like is not loading images but this normal in firefox;
icedragon is a bit slower than firefox;
my version is 64bit

I do not speak English, I’m using a translator

have you changed any settings?

here is normal

Try cleaning browser cache and restarting IceDragon: Manage Cookies And Site Data, Web Cookies, Web Browser | Web Browser & Internet Solutions .

thank you very much but it did not work

Could you try disabling all extensions you are using and see if that solves it? If that solves it could you then enable extensions one by one until you find the extension that causes the blocking of images?

it did not work to disable the extensions, I did the following I entered the profile folder and deleted everything, I restarted the browser and it worked.
I kept the same profile.
Thanks a lot for the help.

Glad to hear you got it solved.