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I wrote complaining that I thought FF was taking over ICE by virtue of the appearance of the AUSTRALIS BLUE field at the top. No one could explain it. I uninstalled and reinstalled it using OPERA a NON MOZILLA based browser to separate the possible connection between various browsers my thinking being that being a MOZILLA based product that FF would THINK it WAS a MOZILLA product and use the current theme.

After install the browser was the same. NEW desktop icon, and the AUSTRAILIS theme. Apparently COMODO is following MOZILLA in adopting the same theme for version 38 plus. While previous versions did not. NOT a deal breaker except that NO company should make changes to their product without posting an announcement with screen shots well in advance. Their own users should not be surprised. Nor treated this way.

Hi rtrg,
IceDragon is based on Firefox, so it is natural to follow suit with the GUI.
A screenshot was previously posted in the link below.
Chromodo 42 and Ice Dragon screenshots

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I have been using the Classic Theme Restorer as suggested above by captainsticks for some time now. I prefer to maximize my webpage viewing area and still have icons and menu items readily available. I have restored most of the look I had in Comodo IceDragon 26. Refer to the two images below. Just one of many customizations that you can achieve using this add-on.

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I should point out that clicking the “Open menu” icon in the upper right of IceDragon 38.0.5 brings up a set of menu items similar to image2 in my previous post above. See image3 below. This set of menu items can be customized by adding icons to the group or removing icons from the group. You can also add, remove and re-arrange icons in the address bar and the Add-on Bar at the bottom of IceDragon if you choose to display the Add-on Bar. See image4 below.

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