Ice Dragon update snafu

I’m seriously ■■■■■■ off. On Feb. 9th, Ice Dragon updated my browser to v. 57.0.4, & in the process, reset my copy to 32-bit from 64-bit. Care to explain? Nevermind that it wasn’t supposed to do that automatically, as I ALWAYS specify being notified of updates so I can choose when to do the install!!! I did everything I could think of, including uninstalling/reinstalling. All that accomplished was wiping out all my saved passwords. Thanks, Comodo!! Good thing I’m old school, & have them written longhand in a little book. :confused: I don’t particularly want to go back to Firefox, but if this doesn’t get resolved, that’s my only choice. I won’t use Chrome, or anything else I’ve seen out there. Maybe I’ll just throw the ■■■■ computer out!! After all, Microsoft just tried to bully me into upgrading to Windows 10 last month with the dire warning that Windows 7 was no longer supported. ■■■■■■■■!! It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and I hate you all! Sincerely NOT a happy camper, Noralee

It didn’t happen with me. I would actually be happy if it were turned to the 64 bit version because the FF 64 bits performs better than the 32 bit version. Could you show a screenshot showing it is the 64 bits version? Mine stay at the 32 bit version even when trying to reinstall it.

Hi EricJH. I’m guessing you misread my post. I’m in the same pickle as you: My Ice Dragon is now 32-bit instead of 64-bit. It got reset during the most recent update to v. 57.0.4. I cannot figure out why this happened, or how to fix it. I also did a reinstall, but no joy. So for the moment I’m using my Firefox browser, although it too is acting strangely. It says it’s the 64-bit version, but it sure looks like the 32-bit template that I see on Ice Dragon. :cry:

Comodo has never released a 64 bits version of IceDragon or Dragon; it always has been 32 bits until Comodo decides to jump the 64 bits ship. A 64 bits has been promised for Dragon but that hasn’t surfaced yet.