Ice Dragon Information Architecture Bookmarking Idea's. Please Vote.

Hi problem with Ice Dragon, we need 2 settings for bookmarks, Easy and Advanced for information architecture bookmarking.

People take bookmarking seriously and at its current stage of information overload, the way we bookmark is to slow and time consuming. I read news like no ones business, I constantly force myself to read more everyday wither I comprehend it or not. When I open Ice Dragon I right click on my news folder and hit Open All in Tabs, this is great as I can load my 39 top picked news resources around the world. The problem is folder are hard to make, and reorganize for information architecture. Lets solve this problem. I have found an easy application that might help you solve this problem. For example, lets say I wanna learn about everything in the world we live in, I don’t wanna be narrow minded. I wanna make a folder for every single country , to do this would take all day naming the folders alone. I did find a program called text to folders, I can copy a list of all countrys, paste that in a text file then open my program text-to-folders and bam I have all folders of each country. Now I have to put that in Ice Dragon, the easiest way I did this was throw it in list of country’s folder into C:\Users\seff\Favorites\Links so I can open internet exploror export the list in html format and then import it into Ice dragon. 1st Problem List of country’s folder did not appear instead it threw all my country’s folder by folder forcing me to manually place 1 folder at a time into the list of country’s folder. I came to the conclusion I made several mistakes, I should have organized my country’s by list of newspapers organized by continent, then put each country into the continent, because the folder is very long now.
What I want from you guys, is to make bookmarking easier, here is a my Ice Dragon Information Architecture Christmas list from my faviroute company in the world. Patent this for yourself and take web browsing to a whole new level.

  1. Folder Management made easier, more fun for information architecture! Moving folders one by one is not good enough, I need to make long list’s of folder, a great example of epic folder making to organize data would be Outline of academic disciplines - Wikipedia. Having Wikipedia is great but I surf the net and need to Right click on folders to Open- All in Tabs, so I can surf the information at a greater speed. I need to make my own folders so the data I net pick at means something to my individuality. Mainly I need it to organize country’s so I can read all their news in all languages, fast and efficiently.
  2. Folder Icons.
  3. Bookmark folder browser?
  4. Figure it out, make it, remake it, keep making it better.

I’m not really sure , but the bookmark tool extensions ain’t cutting it for me. Their garbage, not build for information architecture, look ugly and perform odd operations. Surfing the net with bookmarks should be easy and fun but mostly organized, and easy to organize.
Information Architecture is a very sophisticated task, but in a web browser it should perform the necessary function, so I can surf 100-10000 web pages a day, for speed reading. The net is getting bigger exponentially I don’t wanna get information overload due to the simple fact I can manage my bookmarking effectively. Tackle this problem humans are smarter then computers if we effectively organize the data, don’t let sky net win!.

If you like my idea’s I would be happy to share more with you! and if not, i guess i’ll take it like a man and cry myself to sleep, or spend the rest of my days organizing folders 1 by 1 until sky net takes over… jk thx for taking the time to read this!

By Sef.

Hi I also noticed a big flaw when right clicking on my “News” folder and hitting Open - All in Tabs, it loads every single page all at once, can you maybe load the pages 1 by 1, so i don have 1000 open connections. This might have problems and I would hate to see more options disabling or enabling this one feature because to many options is sometimes hard to find for the average user. I would like Comodo to find a way to optimize the page loading if possible and if not , I’ll just find a way to upgrade my computer.

Hi again, Information Architecture can be a tedious task for us all, I will continue to revise this section as I find problems, and you guys make solution’s. Icon Cache is not great, sometimes my icons for my bookmarks gets delete by accidentally wiping them out with cc cleaner. Can comodo find a way to fetch the icon cache or simply keep them more safe, I read a lot but sometimes, my brain fights what it doesn’t wanna do, read. It instead just want to rely on visual stimuli, Icon Pictures are perfect for this reason, but to get the icons back I deleted I have to go to the webpage. If i have 10,000 bookmarks, I am SOL. I cannot rely on my pictures to process the information anymore, I have to read over and over again and again. Time consuming tedious annoying. I want my icons to refresh without going to the website, or I want them more safe. I rely more on the icon picture to identify the website, please help me, i got these cheeseburgers man you can have them lol parody from a sick movie.

Ok so I think i thought about what I want for my wish. Rating system for articles I read or video’s I watch. It has to be private and mine only if I wish to share so be it throw it in their 2 for the proud and knowledgeable. It just 5 star system I can rate and news article or video I watch save the source as a book mark by rating by stars, throw in a “i dont care” to not rate maybe, so it still counts that you read it. Auto tags or tag helper could be implicated. I dunno still trying to figure it all out.

Welcome Seff,

The next time something happens that causes your bookmark icons to disappear, try using FavIcon Reloader to get them back. Get it here:

This add-on extension automatically goes to the website for each bookmark that doesn’t have an icon, tries to download the icon and puts it back with the bookmark. At least you don’t have to do it manually one-at-time. Hope that can be of some help to you.