Ice Dragon Extensions Help plus other info.

Hi all,

I am just wondering about a couple of Extensions set by Comodo.

1st one, I notice Ice Dragon comes with Https Enforcement 2.0. My Question is Do I still need to add HTTPS Everywhere or is that too much and Https Enforcement 2.0. is just as good ?

2nd one, I notice Ice Dragon comes with Online Security Pro is this good enough? I have added extra Extensions found below:

I do have Ublock Origin default settings with added Fanboy’s Annoyance List and Fanboy’s Enhanced Tracking List.

Privacy Badger default settings.

UntrackMe default settings

Decentraleyes 2.0.8 default settings

Cookie AutoDelete 2.2.0

I would be happy to gain knowledge on my 2 questions etc



ı recommend https everywhere yes two of them little bit overkill and you have some of best extensions avaliable you dont need other you can disable comodo s extension ı think