*** Ice dragon & dragon suddenly displaying incorrectly after 2 years ***

I am getting text and no normal pics on all websites. Sometimes a pic will display very large or not at all.
I have been using Ice Dragon for 2 years.

If I uninstall Ice Dragon and re-install it will my bookmarks still be there ?

If not…

How can I import the bookmarks from Ice Dragon to Firefox ??

Same thing on DRAGON…I did get a pop up error message when I tried to start Dragon “Preferences can not be read” ??

I have screenshots I can email.

Hi and welcome barryb2008,
For both Dragon and IceDragon to suddenly stop working correctly at the same time sounds like a possible system issue, as they are independent from each other.

Your user profile including your bookmarks can be saved during uninstall by not selecting ‘Remove user profile’ during the uninstall process. (Screenshot)
However, if it is the user profile causing the issue the problem will not be solved.

Please save your bookmarks to a HTML file, which can then be imported later into most browsers.
Scroll down the help file pages in the links in the quote for instructions on how to export/import you bookmarks using a HTML file.

Kind regards.

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All other browsers work fine…IE, Chrome, Safari & Firefox…just the Comodo browsers are displaying incorrectly.

I have over 500 bookmarked pages place into categories I really do not want to lose.

Your link to import bookmarks shows this “To import bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari”

I asked if you could import from Ice Dragon to Firefox ??
If all else fails I will import into Chrome which I hate !

Hi barryb2008,
Export your IceDragon ‘Bookmarks’ to a HTML file to a known location.
To export bookmarks from IceDragon-Comodo Help

Then import your ‘Bookmarks’ from the saved HTML file into Firefox.
Import Bookmarks from an HTML file-Mozilla

Alternative method, with both IceDragon and Firefox closed.

  1. Navigate to your roaming user profile of IceDragon and copy the ‘places.sqlite’ file.
  2. Now navigate to your current roaming user profile of Firefox and paste the ‘places.sqlite’ file overwriting/replacing the existing file.

I hope that helps.