Ice Dragon bookmarks

Have lost all bookmarks. Anyone know how to remedy that situation ?
If so, would greatly appreciate some help.


Hi johnny q,
What occurred immediately before losing your bookmarks?

Check under ‘Import and Backup>Restore’ to see if you have any saved backups?


I have a “secret weapon”, since I found out that the latest version of Ice Dragon is not portable, I ditched it like I did Windows Vista/8/8.1(and probably windows 10 as well even though 10 is free upgrade) and stay with the last portable version 26. All is well once I solved certain websites issues with old version 26 by using the user-agent override addon.

If portability is what you are after, use back version 26 like me or use one of those portable FF version from site like PortableApps that actually allow you to use the latest FF itself.