Ice Dragon 38.0.5 Slow

Is it just me or is Ice Dragon 38.0.5 allot slower than the previous version? I’ve notice in some aspects it’s actually allot slower than regular Firefox.

It’s not just you. It’s horrible. I have to say unusable. I have to try to roll-back the update.

Can anybody give me the link to re-install the previous version?

In different topics people are complaining that ver 38.0.5 is slow or not working at all.
I don’t have any problems, before upgrading to 38.0.5 from, i installed the Beta-version 37 two weeks earlier to try it out. After upgrading to 38.0.5 from the Beta-version, CID starts up faster than Firefox 38.0.5 and also browsing is faster than FF.
Maybe upgrading directly from to 38.0.5 can sometime cause some problems?

Yeah, there were some pretty big changes between 26 and 38. One of them was the change over to the australis interface. I’d suggest backing up your bookmarks and passwords and start with a fresh profile. You might also back up the full profile, too, in case that doesn’t fix it.

Hi all,

We are aware of that there is a slowness issue in the Ice Dragon but it is not causing from us. This is causing from Firefox code base but I’m glad we have found the fix. Ice Dragon Ver_39 will solve this problem.

Thanks for your feedbacks,


I look forward to seeing if the next update will indeed fix this problem