I would like to pass from CFW 5.10 to CFW 8.2 but...

… but I fear that the new versions after 5.10 are bloated with un-necessary components that make it “heavy” for my PC(Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit)
I tried to install CFW 8.2 on an XP virtual machine, and I saw killswitch, virtual desktop, something similar to an antivirus (why in a firewall?), etc.

I want a firewall and a HIPS, nothing more
In all versions I always disabled the sandbox, because I don’t need it.
Can I have the same settings that you see in my signature also with CFW 8.2?

Even if it was CFW 8.2 (=a firewall) what was that “Scan” button in CFW 8.2?
Why is there an “update” button? What does it “update” in a firewall?

Is it really worth the effort to uninstall 5.10 and try 8.2?

Hi loverboy,
Killswitch will not be installed on installation, it is a separate package that can be installed if required after.
Virtual Desktop is not active unless used.
The update button will check for program updates and website filtering database updates.
There is also an optional upgrade button which links to the paid versions, this can be removed in the user interface options.
The scan button is for a rating scan as the FW only installs still have the cloud based file rating component.
Run a Rating Scan-Comodo Help

The settings in your signature are available and/or similar.
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Kind regards.

OK, done :wink:


I’d like to do the opposite but it’s impossible. Unfortunately. :-\

Hi Averell,
You can still download 5.10 from the external link below.

Kind regards.

Thanks, but it cannot be installed on my Windows 10 PC.
(It was only a touch of nostalgia).

best regards.