I would like to join the malware research group..

Please. How do I apply? (:SHY)

I have some nasty (fresh) stuff that comodo antivirus/spyware apparently misses… And CIMA too (at least Iam somewhat confident that those are baad…). I would probably not submit so much as Iam lazy, but hopefully i can provide a minimum of 5 undetected items per month, but hopefully more from time to time.

Its not much, but better than nothing eh? (:HUG)

If so, let me in to the club please =).

Or you know what…

I don’t feel the need to be in Malware Research Group any longer,DON’t SIGN ME UP. I will submit samples anonymously from time to time instead! (:LOV) (:LOV) I think that suites me better… Have a happy day folks.

(:HUG) (:HUG)

It’s OK if you want to apply, you decide. :slight_smile: But the procedure is sending a PM to Melih:


It’s like a job request, only you wouldn’t be paid if accepted. :slight_smile: