I would like to donate to Comodo... how?

I would like to make a small donation to comodo, how do I go doing that?


We really appreciate it CC.
we don’t have any way of donation at this stage.

We really appreciate your offer though.


I wanted to ask that too. :smiley: Why there is no Comodo donation foundation ? ;D

Usually big companies like comodo do not accept donations because they make profits from other ways.

Are you the same person from WOW?

Perhaps helping out others on the forum is a good Donation? :slight_smile:

Yes… :slight_smile:

Helping out Moderators is excellent donation! ;D


Buy CIS Pro. :smiley:

Guess I fail in that area. :-X

How should we help mods? Oh I know, make us mods so we can help you! ;D

Haha, Nice one :■■■■

This is how donations work. :slight_smile:

Moderators volunteer to help the forums right? Fine. That saves Comodo time & $$. You guys help mods, That saves Mod time, and then everyone is happy and Comodo is still giving away free products ! haha… :slight_smile:

I know… pretty short and random but the point is, Comodo care more about end users and protecting YOU on the internet, with free software AND making $$ in a different way (SSL Certificates), then asking for your hard earned cash ! So that way, it’s a win-win situation !! That’s the way I see it.


Hey, people can use Comodo toolbar to help Comodo. Don’t they???


I could also be willing to donate (small donation). (R)
But I think opening a donation foundation could make people worried, is the economy going down?
Now they ask for donations and stuff… “HAH I KNEW THAT THE CONCEPT OF FREE SECURITY WASN’T GOING TO WORK” says some smuck… bla lba…

ofcourse the concept of free security works… it is already working… look beyond Comodo, also other vendors give free security, okey, not so total as Comodo, but still it is there…

As long there are other ways for the vendors to have money and as long they care about security, the concept will have strong feet on the ground…

dude put up a donate button geez, we love you.


Don’t forget you guys can always buy Comodo Marchandise :slight_smile:


the best way to donate is to buy a cis pro.

Thank you very much Rodney_Revenge, really appreciate it.


Helping moderators to moderate themselves…