I wish it worked as well as Little Snitch

Seriously guys, you need to work on the dialogs when an application wants to access the network. Everyone I’ve ever recommended Comodo complains about these dialogs being annoying and not very useful. Little Snitch seems to have gotten it right. When an application wants the internet, the dialog lets you allow or deny based on…

  • Scope
    [li]Any connection
  • Connections to this port
  • Connections to this address
  • Connections to this address & port only
  • Duration
  • Until Quit
  • Forever

Putting these options in the dialog really isn’t difficult for average users (even mac users), it prevents all of those popups from happening over and over, and most importantly it lets you get the rule right the first time.

I hope you consider this.

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Welcom to the forum leobaby :slight_smile:

There has been a great deal of discussion regarding the UI of CIS, including the area to which you refer.

As far as I am aware, there are some significant UI changes scheduled for CIS 4, which I believe is due at years end or early next.

Hey toggie (:WAV),

[at-bypass]leobaby : This is indeed discussed before. We’ll have to wait for the new V4 to come out to fix this. if you want to help Comodo with some ideas for V4’s GUI, I sujest you pm Melih, asking you can join the Usability Study group.

Thank you,