I wish Bitdefender Free was compatible with Comodo Firewall.

When I try to install it refuses because of incompatibility issues. I could try Bitdefender THEN Comodo Firewall, but I might just have the same issue again.

then how is that related to Comodo?
contact other vendor :-TU


Because it is not compatible with their product.


CFW is not incompatible with BitDefender. BitDefender & CFW are fully compatible.

It is BitDefender that is extremely restrictive for its installation : it requires that there is neither AV nor FW installed when running its installation.

It is not the same thing. The problem comes from BitDefender.

You don’t have this problem with Avast.

So, first install BitDefender (to avoid the installation complaints) and then CIS FW right?

You are right.

The only way to do it: uninstall CFW, install BD and then reinstall CFW.
It is tedious especially when you have to reinstall BD because of a bug.

I’ll back up my Comodo configuration first and give that a try. Thanks.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Discontinued!

Just use Comodo Firewall :P0l

Well at least there are still other good options to use alongside Comodo Firewall, such as:

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Avira Free

Panda Dome Free

They all offer strong detection ratio and in KSC Free case, Javascript/Object scanning during browsing.

Last case scenario, one should consider using CIS Premium itself, since now with the Light AV Database feature, Comodo AV at least won’t slow down the system anymore. Yes detection ratio for CAV is lower, however some people don’t need strong detection to be safe which is my case.