I want to submit known viruses

Can anyone tell me how do I submit known viruses that was detected by Kaspersky? It is stored in Backup but I dont know how to locate this backup folder to find the viruses to submit.

Restore a copy of the virus somewhere and submit that?

To submit live malware to Comodo you can email it in a zipped, password protected archive to malwaresubmit [at] comodo.com Make sure the password is something common and don’t forget to put it in the email :slight_smile: (Yes, I’ve done this before)

To submit it to Kapersky I’d imagine there would be options in the AV program to do it automatically or manually much like there are in Comodo.

By the way Eddoes, sorry for the late reply on this one. I’ve been slacking.

Its ok I actually got tired of waiting for a response and deleted the viruses but if i ever come across any new samples ill surely submit them. Thanks anyways

Not a problem, I don’t blame you. I just wanted to answer it anyway.