I want to remove "malware".. FROM the quarantine section..

I get comodo like every year, and ALWAYS End up uninstalling it in less than 3 days because it tries to fucking ■■■■ control your computer harder than even norton.

EVEN WITH comodo COMPLETELY OFF, I ended every single comodo related task I could find, and it was NOT Running in the back, it STILL finds a way to completely remove and quarantine a false positive and does not let me remove it from there whatsoever. I can “Export” it, whatever the hell that means, and it turns into a completely different file, there is no way to get that file back EVER. As if that wasn’t bad enough, why the hell would it be doing this when I took the time to turn off every single thing comodo related I could possibly find, obviously not wanting it mess with my stuff?

These are our computers, it should ask us before it goes haywhire on removing shit, and it shouldn’t be IMPOSSIBLE to figure out how to mess with the settings so that doesn’t happen, and to get that 1 file back. One ■■■■ file, this hasn’t worked in YEARS for comodo and quite honestly this is just pathetic…

Did you try disabling Cloud look up under File Rating → File Rating Settings and disabling Do not show antivirus alerts under Anti Virus → Real Time Scan?